Edlund A/S was founded in 1992. Ever since the start-up of the company, Edlund's vision has been to combine computer science and actuarial science to develop industry-specific and business-critical systems for the pension and insurance industries.


Edlund A/S moves to their new headquarters at La Cours Vej 7 in Frederiksberg.

2016 Morten Bruun Steiner succeds Thomas Jøhnk as Chief Executive Officer.
2016 Edlund A/S is acquired by KMD A/S.
2015 Thomas Jøhnk is appointed Chief Executive Officer.
2014 Edlund A/S currently has 210 employees of which approx. 50% work every day at our customers' offices.
2013 The board of directors chairmanship passes to Tage Reinert, but the founders of the company continue their board membership together with two members elected by the employees.
2011 Line Find succeeds Erling Edlund as Chief Executive Officer.
2010 The company is awarded the Danish business daily Borsen's prize for small fast-growing companies (Børsens Gazellepris). The prize is awarded to a company that within the recent four financial years has experienced constant growth in its business turnover or gross profit and that has seen an overall doubling of its business turnover or gross profit during the period. 
2007 The company now has 100 employees.
2006 The company hires an additional 17 employees, bringing the total staff number up to 86, and the company, once again, obtains a high ranking on Computerworld's Top 100.
2002 Edlund A/S is elected #1 in Computerworld's annual Top 100 best Danish IT companies based on a weighted average of growth in business turnover, return, profit ratio and efficiency.
2000 The company now has 25 employees.
1999 Once again, the strong growth gives rise to a shortage of space, and Edlund purchases and restores more houses in the neighbourhood, gradually resulting in the significant Edlund campus.
1997 The company now has 11 employees - and shortage of space. The company purchases the premises Bjerregårds Sidevej 4 Valby, which used to be the sculptor Ludvig Brandstrup's home and atelier.
1993 The company moves to H.C. Andersens Boulevard in Copenhagen and hires its first employees.
1992 Edlund A/S is founded by Erling Edlund Andersen and his oldest son Thomas Jøhnk.