How We Work

A solution from Edlund is characterised by standard modules that are already up and running and integrated according to the principles of modern software architecture. The common code basis of these modules is continuously upgraded, so you can rest assured that all our standard solutions always are based on the latest technological platforms.

An Edlund solution is swiftly implemented, since new projects always take starting point in a running configuration of the standard solution. Subsequently, in cooperation with the customer, we customise the solution to the company's specific needs, ensuring that all changes are thoroughly tested. This results in a high-quality solution that fully meets the customer's specific requirements. Our development method is based on the extensive employment of automated code generation allowing a fast and reliable development of customised data models. 

Our employees' competences

Edlund employs more than 250 professionals who are specialised within actuarial science, financial mathematics and computer science and have extensive business knowledge about pension and insurance. Our employees have long experience in cooperating with different types of customers at all levels of an organisation, and on average they have been with Edlund for five years. This ensures continuity in the cooperation with our customers as well as in our working processes. 

Agile project model and mature development method 

The main elements are Scrum. Iterative development and continuous implementation of suggested improvements are carried out in the project team in close cooperation with the customers, steering committees etc. 

Moreover, we employ a mature development method. The main elements are full version control, consistent and fully automated translation of complete business solutions, daily development of all projects and extensive use of automated unit and integration testing, bug tracing etc.