Complete overview of personal finances

Edlund LIFESTEPS is the ideal counselling tool for creating a comprehensive view of a household's financial situation - and to calculate the consequences of changes.

  • Should my pension schemes be joined?
  • What is the optimum rate of dissaving for me? 
  • Can I afford to keep my holiday house after I retire?

Many people don't have sufficient overview of their finances to answer such questions.

LIFESTEPS giver fuldt overblik over privatøkonomien

Complex financial situation

Even if you keep up to date with macro-economic aspects (real estate prices, share prices, interest rates, tax deductions etc.), a lot of individual factors have a major influence on personal finances. Does the household include one or two adults, joint-custody children, xxxwealth/capital assets (formue), personally-owned businesses, real estate portfolios etc.?

Identification of requirements

The calculations in LIFESTEPS are based on existing data, whether you are using your own administration system or LIFELINK. In addition, data are retrieved from digital sources (tax, bank, pension etc.).  

The accumulated pension savings of the client are used to visualise short- and long-term effects of adjustments to the pension strategy, including loss of earning capacity, critical illness, death etc. Identifying individual requirements will show the size of contributions needed to obtain the desired income after retirement.

Flexible tool

LIFESTEPS is a flexible, interactive tool that can be used both by the counsellor and by the client through a self-service portal. It is a cloud-based solution, and it runs either as a module in LIFELINK, as a stand-alone solution, or as part of another administration system.

Read more in our LIFESTEPS factsheet.