Flexible and Upgradable Portfolio Management

UNITLINK is a core product in Edlund, and it can be used for the management of unitlinked portfolios registered on policies and distributed on funds. UNITLINK consists of a policy management module, which keeps track of all customers' portfolios and investments, and of a trading cycle module, which keeps track of when transactions are made and at which prices.

With UNITLINK, companies can define the funds to which customers are to have trading access, and it is possible to add or close funds on an ongoing basis. It is possible to update transaction prices as often as you want, and it is possible to discontinue all transactions immediately, if the market suddenly becomes unstable.

Choose between different investment concepts

UNITLINK renders it possible for the customer to choose between different investment strategies: A Free Choice concept renders it possible to move the portfolio from fund to fund as well as to define an investment profile for the allocation of future contributions. It is also possible to choose a concept based on life cycle by which the company manages the investments based on the customer's profile and where the allocation is determined by the customer's investment horizon.

Real time transactions with access to historical changes

UNITLINK is a real time-based system, allowing customers to carry out transactions from a web portal at home while the system immediately displays the effect of the completed online transaction. Within a very short period of time, UNITLINK will notify the investment department that transactions have been carried out in certain funds, thus enabling the department to swiftly cover the changed allocation within the portfolio.

As a highly unique feature of a real time-based system, UNITLINK makes it possible to backdate value dates. It is optional whether price differences are to be added to the policy owner's or the company's account.

Complete audit trail

UNITLINK provides a complete historical track record of the customer's portfolio. This renders it easy for the finance department to make portfolio statements and obtain an overview of the development of the portfolio. At the same time, the actuarial department can make very precise calculations and projections.

Upgradable solution

UNITLINK, which is running in a number of companies, is a module of Edlund's industry solution LIFELINK. This implies that the module will be continuously upgraded in step with industry requirements.

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