Edlund as a Workplace

Our success can be ascribed to our competent employees who are granted room and time for creativity and professional development. We value our employees, and we give high priority to our working environment.

We have a strong professional environment in which employees have access to supplementary training and education, flexible working hours and attractive staff policies. In order to generate good results, a strong social environment is crucial, and we believe in a good work/life balance.

Employee profiles

Edlund's core values are 'quality' and 'credibility', and all employees must live these values. We are to be a credible, competent and committed sparring partner for our customers while at the same time delivering efficient high-quality systems. Therefore, we only hire the most competent employees with a Master's degree in e.g. computer science, insurance science or mathematics.

We also employ a number of consultants with a long insurance education who have extensive experience in making requirement specifications, test planning and in implementing IT systems.

If you recognise yourself in one of the above descriptions, you are welcome to submit a job application to – most of our positions are filled via unsolicited job applications.