Make Your Employees More Efficient

Basically, employees wish to be productive and spend their time rationally. Nothing is more demotivating than user-unfriendly, non-intuitive systems. On the other hand, stable, intuitive systems render employees capable of solving their tasks faster and better.

Get up to 25% more off your hands

Edlund has experienced that if companies implement a new IT platform, their administrative staff can complete up to 25% more tasks without involving colleagues or the IT department. This reduces waiting time during case handling and minimises the risk of making errors. In addition, employees will typically experience a substantial increase in their personal productivity, and job satisfaction is lifted as many trivial work routines will disappear.

Edlund's solutions are developed in close dialogue with users at all levels of non-life and life insurance as well as pension organisations - from administrative staff to system developers. Together we make goal-oriented efforts on streamlining processes and rendering workflows more simple to ensure that each user can solve his tasks swiftly without consulting colleagues.

Increased motivation and job satisfaction

The access to working with an intelligent workflow increases employees' motivation and job satisfaction. Moreover, employees' competences are employed in more value-creating activities such as development, optimisation and the servicing of customers as opposed to in trivial registration tasks. Many of our customers have completed LEAN projects with Edlund as a natural partner. The experience accumulated from these processes forms the backbone of the standard solutions that render IT users with Edlund's customers among the world's most productive and motivated users.