Cost-efficient Standard Solutions

Edlund solutions can help you reduce costs in more areas:

  • Faster and more efficient workflows
  • Significant reduction of operating and IT environment maintenance costs
  • More precise reporting

An upgraded industry solution based on the latest technologies offers you a significant efficiency gain. You may obtain a time saving of up to 25% depending on your existing IT platform. In addition, users will experience that their personal productivity and job satisfaction are lifted, as many trivial work routines disappear. Moreover, with an integrated Edlund solution, the management team obtains easy and swift access to precise risk and cash flow data. This implies a better basis for decision-making and ensures that your company meets the Financial Administration Agency's requirements.

Share your IT costs with the industry

However, a reduction in costs and an improved basis for making decisions are far from the only gains associated with our solutions. Today, many companies spend large amounts of resources on the operation and development of proprietary solutions based on old IT platforms and principles. These unproductive costs can be reduced significantly by a standard solution.

Typically, 85% of an Edlund solution consists of standard modules, which are used by many existing customers. Within the life insurance and pension industries, Edlund's customers account for more than 60% of the Danish market (measured in terms of gross premiums). Thus, you will be a part of - and share costs with - Denmark's most extensive software development collaboration. Since all customers can exploit a shared software core, the overall costs of the product are low relative to the other solutions in the market.

Secure implementation without any hidden additional costs

With 25 years’ experience and our solutions already running for many years, we know how to implement a solution on time and on budget. In addition, we control a unique development method that always takes starting point in a running configuration of the solution.

Subsequently, we customise the solution to our customers' specific needs ensuring that all changes are thoroughly tested. This results in a high-quality solution that is up and running and fully meets the customer's specific requirements. Our development method is based on the extensive employment of automated code generation allowing a fast and reliable development of customised data models.